About Us

Unique blend of extra ordinary professionals together to bringout new unexplored Horizions in Healthcare.

The Mission is to serve the humanity on ethical and moral principles at its best with no bars like gender, religion, Race, Country or any other discriminitions.

Director & Chairman

Director and founder chairman                               Dr.N.D.Agravat

Director                                                                   Dr.Vishvaraj Agravat

CEO                                                                         Dr.Neeraj Agravat

Our Insipration          

Lt. Dr.D.O.Agravat          

Lt.Matushree Kantaben (kesar Agravat)

With Blessings of

Dr. JagdishChandra D. Agravat

Dr. Chandrakant D. Agravat

Dr. Arun D. Agravat

Dr. Rajendra D. Agravat

Dr. Anil D. Agravat

Girishbhai Vanechand Sanghani

Dr. P. P. Vaishnav

Dr. Pradip Nimbark

Jitendra Nimbark

Kalpesh Girishbhai Sanghani

M/S Vanechand Gokaldas Sanghani(Junagadh)

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